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Introducing YANMAR Energy Systems

YANMAR's Energy Systems division began operation in 1984, and today has installed more than 256,000 Combined Heat and Power (CHP or cogeneration) and Gas Heat Pump (GHP) systems worldwide. Using a YANMAR-designed, lean-burn Miller Cycle Gas Engine, which was developed from the company's world-class diesel engine technology, these environmentally friendly systems are designed for reliability, efficiency, energy conservation, comfort and long-term savings.


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Dustin Graham Named Project Engineer for YANMAR America Energy Systems 12/1/16

YANMAR America’s Energy Systems division is pleased to announce that Dustin Graham has joined the company in the role of Project Engineer. Graham’s experience in mechanical design engineering especially with ...

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New micro CHP Case Study: New York Luxury Home 11/28/16

YANMAR America Energy Systems has just published a new case study related to residential applications of its micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units featuring its installation at a luxury home in Scarsdale, N...

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“The YANMAR unit has kept every promise made to us. The cost savings have been phenomenal, and the support from YANMAR America in our challenging market has been excellent.” - Tom Harris, Yak-Tat Kwaan, Inc.