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Energy Systems

A History of Award-Winning Reliability

YANMAR Energy Systems has had a history of leading-edge innovation since beginning operation in 1984. As you can see from our timeline, we never stop improving the performance, reliability and efficiency of our products.

  • 1981: Development of Gas Heat Pump (GHP) began.
  • 1984: Began operation of three 6RL-HT cogeneration system units at the Showa Station in Antarctica.
  • 1987: Launched GHP air conditioning systems.
  • 1992: Established YANMAR GHP division.
  • 1997: Established Land Generator Division at YANMAR Co.
  • 1998: Produced the first 9.8 kW micro cogeneration (mCHP) unit, launching the micro CHP business.
  • 2000: Combined the GHP Division and Land Generator Division, creating the "Energy Systems Division."
  • 2000: Awarded for the YCP98000 micro cogeneration system series by the Japan Machinery Federation, the Energy Conservation Center Japan and the Japan Gas Association.
  • 2000: Introduced GHP and micro CHP products into overseas markets.
  • 2002: Launched the 25 kW and 5 kW micro CHP units in Japan.
  • 2003: Established YANMAR ENERGY SYSTEM CO., LTD. in Japan.
  • 2003: Reached sales of 1,000 units for micro CHP.
  • 2004: Awarded the Japan Machinery Federation Chairman's Prize for Energy Conserving Machinery for micro CHP.
  • 2006: Awarded Japan Gas Association's Technology prize for GHP.
  • 2007: Launched 25 kW Biogas micro CHP model in Japan.
  • 2009: Awarded Japan Gas Association's Technology prize for our 25 kW micro CHP.
  • 2010: Awarded Japan Gas Association's Technology prize for our 35 kW micro CHP.
  • 2010: Installed first 25 kW mirco CHP unit in Canada.
  • 2010: Launched US model of 10 kW mirco CHP (natural gas).
  • 2011: Launched US model of 10 kW micro CHP (propane).
  • 2011: Reached sales of 5,000 micro CHP units.
  • 2012: Launched US model of 5 kW micro CHP (propane and natural gas).
  • 2013: Reached sales of 250,000 units worldwide for GHP.
  • 2014: Installed first 35 kW micro CHP unit in Canada.
  • 2015: Installed first GHP in Canada.
  • 2015: Installed first GHP in US (Adairsville, GA).
  • 2016: Launched the US model of 35 kW micro CHP (natural gas).

Our Mission and Vision

To provide environmentally friendly energy systems that use YANMAR's proven technology to meet our customer's needs for high efficiency, energy conservation, comfort and reliability through a professional sales & service dealer network.

Global Locations

Headquarters: Osaka, Japan

YANMAR Energy Systems Manufacturing: Okayama, Japan

YANMAR America: North, Central & South America

YANMAR Energy System Co.: Japan

YANMAR Europe B.V.: Europe


YANMAR Energy Australia PTY LTD.: Oceania

S.C. Toyota Tsusho Do Brazil, LTDA.: Brazil

Samchully ES CO., LTD.: Korea

YANMAR Engine (Shanghai) CO., LTD.: China

Pansar Berhad: Malaysia


Eco-Efficient Innovation

With YANMAR systems, efficiency comes naturally. That's because our innovations are driven by a desire to create more eco-efficient, life-sustaining technology. This is demonstrated across many of our solutions:

micro CHP Systems: Distributed generation micro CHP systems are able to generate the right amount of power at the right time, making them much more efficient than the electrical grid. YANMAR micro CHP units also produce less carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions than typical grid power generation plants.

Heat Pump Systems: Switching from electric driven heat pumps to YANMAR's high efficiency gas driven heat pumps reduces electrical load by approximately 90%. These units effectively lower peak demand for electrical power during the summer air conditioning season.

Power Generation Systems: YANMAR's power generation systems maintain the supply of electricity during grid power failures, ensuring that emergency equipment, mission critical systems and hardware continue to operate.

Drive Systems: YANMAR Pump Drive Systems are used in storage and drainage pump facilities, as well as irrigation applications in large and small scale waterworks systems.

Photovoltaic Systems: YANMAR works collaboratively to integrate highly efficient micro CHP (cogeneration), gas heat pump and emergency power generation products combined together with solar products to provide higher efficiency total energy systems.

Remote Monitoring Systems: YANMAR enhances the precision and reliability of maintenance support services through the integration of YANMAR's Remote Monitoring System and certified dealer network.