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Dealer Requirements

Our Vision: YANMAR Energy Systems completes market studies throughout North, Central & South America to determine the need for new dealership locations based on market requirements. Our goal is to ensure that we can provide our dealers profitable sales volumes, the right product at the right time, technical training and business development support resources, so that they can offer our consumers the full YANMAR Brand Experience.

As a YANMAR Energy Systems Dealer, you:

  1. Commit to a mutually agreed upon annual YANMAR Energy Systems Dealer Business Plan, and make commercially reasonable efforts to fulfill its action items and achieve business plan goals & objectives.
  2. Proactively seek out new business opportunities with potential customers in the assigned market area, and report sales opportunities and progress to YANMAR America on a regular basis.
  3. Plan, order and stock appropriate inventory of YANMAR Energy Systems Products and Repair Parts, etc. to adequately service the needs of customers. Provide YANMAR America with inventory reports and project pipeline information for Energy Systems products each month.
  4. Follow YANMAR America Energy System commissioning and warranty claim procedures.

How to Begin the Application Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a YANMAR Energy Systems Dealer. Before you begin, please gather the following information that you will need to complete the Dealer Information & Contact Form.

  1. Basic business location and communication information
  2. Employee count by function
  3. Facility & equipment overview
  4. Technical skillsets (mechanical & electrical capabilities)
  5. CHP and VRF System lines currently carried, along with estimated sales revenue
  6. Briefly description of your business
  7. Dealer contact information

Once you are ready, please fill out the YANMAR America Energy Systems Dealer Application Form below


These requirements represent only an overview of what is required to be a YANMAR Energy Systems Dealer. The complete details are reviewed and discussed during the application process.



Facility & Equipment:


Other Considerations:

Business Information
Billing Information
Shipping Information
Type of Business
Total Number of Employees
Facility & Equipment Questions
Mechanical Skillsets
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Electrical Skillsets
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Do you sell or service any of the following competitive CHP brands?
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Application for YANMAR Energy Systems Dealership

I understand that if this application is approved by YANMAR America Corporation, the "Parties" to the Dealer Agreement will be YANMAR America Corporation and such proposed person or business entity with whom YANMAR America consents to contract. YANMAR America will name in the Dealer Agreement the individual(s) upon whose participation in the ownership and/or operation of the proposed dealership operations YANMAR America will be relying upon in entering into the Dealer Agreement. In making this application, I acknowledge and understand that:

  1. The receipt of this Application and Questionnaire by YANMAR America Corporation for consideration shall be without any obligations on the part of YANMAR America or any of its representatives.
  2. No one other than the PRESIDENT of YANMAR America Corporation or his/her explicit designate has the authority to approve any application submitted. Such approval, if given, will be only in the form of a written Dealer Agreement executed on behalf of YANMAR America by either the PRESIDENT or his explicit designate. Any actions taken, expenditures made, or commitments assumed by proposed dealer or by anyone associated with proposed dealer prior to receipt of an executed written Dealer Agreement shall be at the proposed dealer's sole risk and responsibility without any liability or obligation whatsoever on the part of YANMAR America or any of its representatives.
  3. Neither I, nor anyone associated in the proposed dealership will be entitled to rely upon any representation or statement indicating approval of this proposed Application by any representative or employee of YANMAR America or any other person whatsoever prior to receipt of an executed Dealer Agreement.
  4. Any material misrepresentation, whether intentional or unintentional, in the information submitted in connection with this Application and Questionnaire shall be grounds upon which YANMAR America may (a) elect to no longer consider my Application, (b) immediately terminate any Dealer Agreement executed by YANMAR America with proposed dealer, or (c) take any other action which YANMAR America deems appropriate.