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Annual Energy Outlook 2018


The U.S. Energy Information Administration published the 2018 Annual Energy Outlook earlier this week. This report models projections for domestic energy markets through 2050 based on calculated assumptions. Here are a few key projections related to natural gas from this year’s Outlook:

  • Natural gas prices are expected to remain less expensive than electric prices for commercial, industrial and residential customers.
  • The use of natural gas as an energy source is projected to grow the most on an absolute basis.
  • Natural gas production accounts for almost 39% of energy production by 2050. This continued growth is due to the large size of associated resources.
  • Natural gas production will grow at a faster rate through 2020, and then slow through the remainder of the projection.
  • Natural gas used for power generation will generally increase over the time period due to the scheduled expiration of renewable tax credits.

Energy Outlook 2018