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YANMAR America Opens EVO//Center in Acworth, Georgia


YANMAR EVO CenterOn November 3, 2017, YANMAR America officially opened the YANMAR EVO//CENTER located in Acworth, Georgia. The new 50,000 square foot facility is focused on training, customer experience and the local community with six state-of-the-art product training labs with classroom and hands-on space, multiple classrooms and meeting rooms, a 250-seat auditorium, EVO Commons dining area, future technology room, museum, outdoor product demonstration areas and more.

The EVO//CENTER strives to evolve the mindsets of YANMAR’s customers, dealers, employees and community by serving as a place of collaboration and education dedicated to sharing solutions for empowering sustainability.

YANMAR EVO Center Installed in the facility are eight 14-ton heat recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) units, which produce heating and cooling for two-thirds of the building, as well as a 10 kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, which provides hot water for the facility and power for the data room. In addition, the Energy Systems training lab features an operational 35 kW CHP with controls, operational 5 kW CHP with controls and remote monitoring, 14 ton heat recovery VRF system with cassette-style indoor units and controls, a non-operational 10 kW CHP to be used for 10,000 hour service training and additional accessories for classroom training.

YANMAR EVO CenterIn a statement, Takehito Yamoaoka, President of YANMAR Co., Ltd. commented, “The EVO//CENTER is one of the most unique and innovative facilities in the YANMAR portfolio. It represents our long-standing commitment to build close and meaningful relationships with not only global customers, but also local communities. The facility’s mission of ‘Empowering Sustainability’ completely champions our global vision for ‘A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE’.”

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