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Propane Bucks! YANMAR mCHP Promotion



YANMAR America announces the launch of our Propane Bucks! mCHP Promotion designed to encourage commercial business owners, facility managers, construction professionals and homeowners to adopt propane-fueled YANMAR CHP units for commercial and residential use.

Customer Benefit: Customers that purchase and submit a warranty registration form for qualifying propane-powered YANMAR CP5 or CP10 mCHP systems will earn “Propane Bucks,” a YANMAR retail rebate as follows:

  • CP10WN-SPB Rebate = $4,000.00
  • CP5WN-SPB Rebate = $3,000.00

Rebate Conditions: 

  1. CP5WN-SPB and CP10WN-SPB models are eligible.
  2. Rebate is valid only on product sold to dealers between July 15, 2015 through December 23, 2015, and only if warranty is registered by April 15, 2016.
  3. Attach copies of your Warranty & Commissioning Reports with each Claim Form.
  4. Completed claim information must be submitted by 4/30/16 to be eligible for rebate.
  5. YANMAR America will process rebates within 15 business days of receipt of completed claim information.
  6. YANMAR America reserves all rights to deny any submitted claims, or change or end this rebate program.

Warranty: Standard YANMAR America Energy Systems warranty applies


Customer Rebate Claim Form