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Six Reasons to Choose YANMAR Gas Heat Pump Over Electric Heat Pumps


If you’re considering new heating and cooling equipment for your business, YANMAR’s Gas Heat Pump (GHP) systems offer real benefits when compared to traditional Electric Heat Pump (EHP) systems. Here are our top six reasons why you should choose YANMAR GHP:

  1. Energy Efficiency: YANMAR's GHP can reduce a site’s electric consumption by as much as 90% due to natural gas displacing the electric consumption of the compressor in an EHP.
  2. Lowered Demand Charges: Because YANMAR GHP uses less amounts of electricity, building owners may reduce or eliminate electrical demand charges.
  3. First Cost Savings: By using natural gas as the primary energy source for heating and cooling, YANMAR GHP eliminates the need to upgrade the building’s electrical services.
  4. Environmental: Natural gas as an energy source produces significantly lower amounts of harmful emissions: 80% less NOx, 100% less SOx and 35% less CO2 than coal.
GHP Environmental Savings
  1. Efficient Heating: YANMAR’s GHP uses exhaust heat produced by its gas engine for efficient heating to maintain indoor comfort levels even during low outdoor temperatures.
  2. Economic Savings: The YANMAR GHP system offers substantially lower system lifecycle costs through lowered operating and infrastructure costs and greater efficiency; overall operating costs are reduced by 30-70% depending on local utility costs.

If you’re interested in how a YANMAR GHP system can benefit your business, click here to start your performance summary.