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YANMAR America Energy Systems Launches Improved CHP System Controllers


YANMAR America’s Energy Systems division announces the launch of two new system controller models for its Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. Replacing the LKC30CW, the LKC30DW and LKC40DW offer users new features and benefits for even easier system control.

Both new models feature improved and new scheduling functions for weekly and annual time periods. The revised weekly scheduling allows for 4 patterns per day x 7 days in a week with up to 5 different weekly patterns. The new annual scheduling ability allows for 8 custom schedules per year.

In addition, the LKC30DW allows the system to communicate externally with display devices using serial communication protocol (RS232C connector).

The LKC40DW integrates with YANMAR’s CP35D1 units and Building Management Systems (BMS) systems and existing facility controllers using PLC and a LAN communication, and can be manipulated and monitored from mobile devices using WiFi with the download of the Pro-face Remote HMI app for iOS or Android.

All of these functionalities add to the System Controller’s existing features, including scheduled operation for multiple units, holidays, vacations, peak demand, etc.; the ability to rotate the operation of up to 8 units to keep them within 100 hours of run time of each other for synchronized service and the viewing of operating data related to power generation, voltage, troubleshooting, etc.

The System Controller is YANMAR’s control device for its cogeneration systems, which are currently available in propane or natural gas 5 kW, propane or natural gas 10 kW and natural gas 35 kW models.

To learn more about how YANMAR’s CHP systems can provide useful heat and power for your facility, visit