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YANMAR Natural Gas Cooling and Heating Technology Celebrates 30 Years, 300,000 Installations


YANMAR First Gas Heat PumpYANMAR is proud to celebrate 30 years and 300,000 installations of our natural gas cooling and heating technology this April.

YANMAR’s natural gas HVAC technology had a long history of a development before ever reaching the market in 1987. The summer of 1978 was extremely hot, and Japan experienced a tight supply of electricity. The following year, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, recognizing the value of YANMAR’s natural gas cooling technology, which could cool rooms with one-tenth the amount of electricity, decided to grant subsidies for the further research and development of gas cooling and heating.

After six years of development, in April 1987, YANMAR began limited sales of its natural gas air conditioning and heating system to gas companies. This first product offered 4 RT of cooling and a heating capacity of 63,500 BTU. However, the product still needed development as gas companies were demanding a maintenance cycle of 2,000 hours, which was not possible at the time.

As the product was continuously improved, sales grew, and in 1989, the “Technology Grand Prize” was awarded by the Japan Gas Association to all the gas companies and manufacturers involved in the development of this system.

In 1992, sales had increased to the point that a separate business division was established. And, later that year, a multi-air-conditioning system for buildings with individual control was launched. This system, known today as Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), was capable of covering larger spaces, and allowed for each room to be controlled individually, greatly improving design flexibility. Following these advancements, in 1994, YANMAR received the “Technology Grand Prize” for a second time.

In 1999, another new series was launched. The new E Series significantly reduced the systems’ NOx emission volume, and extended the outdoor unit’s maintenance interval from 6,000 hours to the same interval offered today, 10,000 hours.

YANMAR Variable Refrigerant Flow SystemSince 2016, YANMAR America has sold EPA compliant natural gas VRF heat pumps in the North, Central and South American markets. Our product line includes 8, 10, 12 and 14 RT VRF systems with a heat recovery (3 pipe) model for simultaneous heating and cooling available in 14 RT. Additionally, these units’ heating capacity ranges from 106,000 to 189,000 BTU with a standard maintenance interval of 10,000 hours.

Worldwide, sales of YANMAR’s natural gas heating and cooling systems have exceeded 300,000 units. Examples of these installations around the globe include Gongdeck Station in Korea, which features 67 units; Nankai University in China with 324 units; Vibe Hotel Canberra in Australia with 17 units; an office building in Brazil with 12 units and several installations in the U.S. and Canada.

If you’re interested in seeing how natural gas HVAC could benefit your building as it has with many others for 30 years, start your performance summary today.