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YANMAR VRF Systems Featured in Green HVACR Magazine


YANMAR EVO//CENTERYANMAR America’s natural gas-powered Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems were recently featured in Green HVACR magazine’s spotlight article on the best new sustainable products.

“Gas-fired heat pumps offer a very economically viable solution to minimizing the carbon footprint of a building,” says Miles Johnson, mechanical designer at Croft & Associates. “VRF tends to use significantly less energy than comparable HVAC systems. Whenever you can combine that with a gas-generated power then the benefits tend to stack up pretty nicely.”

In addition to highlighting the features and benefits of the system such as zone control, economic savings, energy efficiency and easy installation and maintenance, the article showcases the company’s installation of eight VRF systems at the YANMAR EVO//CENTER and discusses the future of VRF technology.