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Gas Heat Pump

Gas Heat Pump Technology

Using a natural gas-powered engine, YANMAR's Gas Heat Pump can maintain powerful heating performance, even with low outdoor temperatures, by capturing heat off the unit's engine to increase efficiency. Our heat recovery technology loves the cold, effortlessly providing heat in the freezing cold. The unit is not afraid of extreme heat either, easily cooling a building during warmer months. Not only do our GHP units withstand some of the toughest temperatures Mother Nature can deliver, they do it with supreme efficiency. The cost of operating the compressor in our GHP units is 1/10 the cost of that of a standard EHP system, resulting in hundreds to thousands of dollars of savings in electricity costs.

Cooling Cycle

Heating Cycle


Energy Efficient

By utilizing a highly efficient natural gas-powered variable speed engine to drive dual scroll compressors, the YANMAR GHP system can reduce electricity usage by up to 90% compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

Environmental Benefits

Natural gas as an energy source produces significantly lower amounts of harmful emissions: 80% less NOx, 100% less SOx and 35% less CO2 than coal. By utilizing natural gas, YANMAR's GHP technology not only helps preserve precious energy resources, but also reduces harmful emissions.

Economic Savings

With lower operating and infrastructure costs and greater efficiency, the YANMAR GHP system offers substantially lower system lifecycle costs compared to EHP systems on the market today. In fact, our GHP system reduces overall running costs by 30-70% depending on local utility costs.

Low Operation Noise

YANMAR GHP Outdoor Units are reliably quiet. At 3 ft, GHP maximum noise levels are:

  • 57dB(A) NNCP096JN (8rt)
  • 57dB(A) NNCP120JN (10rt)
  • 57dB(A) NNCP144JN (12rt)
  • 58dB(A) NNCP168JN (14rt)
  • 58dB(A) NFCP168JN (14rt-3 Pipe)

High Reliability

Based on YANMAR's proven engine technology and experience in GHP design, manufacturing, installation and service support, we are able to provide customers with a standard limited warranty.

Easy Installation

YANMAR's comprehensive technical training curriculum develops certified technicians prepared in all phases of design, installation, commissioning and service.



Cooling Capacity: 8 RT

Heating Capacity: 106,000 BTU

Low Temp/Cold Temp Heating: 106,000 BTU

Number of Pipes : 2 (Heat or Cool)


Cooling Capacity: 10 RT

Heating Capacity: 134,000 BTU

Low Temp/Cold Temp Heating: 137,000 BTU

Number of Pipes : 2 (Heat or Cool)


Cooling Capacity: 12 RT

Heating Capacity: 156,000 BTU

Low Temp/Cold Temp Heating: 164,000 BTU

Number of Pipes : 2 (Heat or Cool)


Cooling Capacity: 14 RT

Heating Capacity: 189,000 BTU

Low Temp/Cold Temp Heating: 178,000 BTU

Number of Pipes : 2 (Heat or Cool)


Cooling Capacity: 14 RT

Heating Capacity: 189,000 BTU

Low Temp/Cold Temp Heating: 178,000 BTU

Number of Pipes: 3 (Heat & Cool)


(Non-EPA Compliant, Not for Sale in U.S.)

Cooling Capacity: 20 RT

Heating Capacity: 273,000 BTU

Low Temp/Cold Temp Heating: 242,300 BTU

Number of Pipes : 2 (Heat or Cool)


(Non-EPA Compliant, Not for Sale in U.S.)

Cooling Capacity: 24 RT

Heating Capacity: 324,200 BTU

Low Temp/Cold Temp Heating: 290,100 BTU

Number of Pipes : 2 (Heat or Cool)

Indoor Unit Model Information





Multi-unit Housing



Case Study

Stewart Avenue Public School in Cambridge, Ontario

Stewart Avenue Public School

16 RT Gas Heat Pump Installation in Cambridge, Ontario

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What makes the YANMAR Gas Heat Pump (GHP) Variable Registrant Flow (VRF) system unique?

At the heart of every YANMAR GHP VRF system is a reliable and durable YANMAR natural gas-powered engine. This fuel-efficient engine enables the outdoor unit to vary its operating speed according to the cooling or heating demands of the zones it controls. Combined with dual scroll compressors, YANMAR’s GHP system provides precision temperature control to deliver comfort that is naturally reliable and eco-efficient.

What are the advantages of advanced zoning?

With YANMAR multi-zone GHP systems, you have complete control over your environment, as each room or zone can have its own separate Daikin indoor unit (fan and heating/cooling coil) and thermostat. Unoccupied rooms or floors can be shut down individually to reduce energy costs. Plus, during construction or renovation of commercial or multi-family residential buildings, the system’s advanced zoning capabilities allow each floor to be occupied upon completion, while work progresses on other floors.

Can room temperatures be controlled remotely?

Yes. YANMAR GHP systems with Daikin's super-intelligent, user-friendly system controllers can create comfort quickly and easily. The advanced functionality and easy-to-read liquid crystal displays (LCDs) allow you to orchestrate and monitor mode, temperature, time, airflow volume and more across your entire system at the touch of button.

Does the GHP produce any power?

No. The GHP produces heating and cooling for facilities. However, YANMAR also offers micro Combined Heat and Power units that produce both useful heat and power, and work well in conjunction with GHP.

Can the unit run during extreme cold periods?

Yes. The GHP runs and heats well during cold periods by using waste heat to increase the amount of heating for the facility. A cold weather kit also adds extra protection by keeping the engine compartment warm even when the engine is not running.

Is there any special equipment required for installing or servicing the GHP?

No. The same tools that are used for troubleshooting electric heat pump (EHP) systems are also required for installing and maintaining the GHP system.

How much extra maintenance is required for the GHP?

The GHP requires maintenance every 10,000 hours, which can equate to every two to three years. This maintenance includes changing the oil, filters and plugs.