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Micro Combined
Heat & Power

YANMAR Technology

YANMAR's micro CHP system uses an internal combustion engine, powered by clean natural gas or propane, to produce both heat and electric power. The unit efficiently utilizes up to 88% of the fuel burn versus 33% burn rate of conventional, from-the-grid sources.

Efficiency Comparison


Energy Efficient

By utilizing a highly efficient engine and capturing nearly all of the remaining energy as heat, the YANMAR mCHP system can be up to 2.6 times as efficient as your current centralized power.

Environmentally Friendly

By using energy efficiently, your carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as 50% over conventional means. According to U.S. EPA CHP Partnership calculations, a YANMAR 10kW mCHP system can reduce enough greenhouse gases to offset the carbon footprint of seven cars on U.S. roads.

Economic Savings

As electric prices continue to increase, you can benefit from significant utility bill cost savings by switching to abundant natural gas or propane.

Energy Independence

By using a YANMAR mCHP system as your primary power source, you are no longer solely reliant on the grid for your company's viability or personal comfort. You now have the option to have power when the grid fails or in remote areas no currently served.

Low Operation Noise

YANMAR mCHP Units are reliably quiet.

  • 54dB(A) CP5WN
  • 56dB(A) CP10WN
  • 64dB(A) CP25VB3
  • 64dB(A) CP35VC

High Functionality

With YANMAR mCHP's blackout start option, you can ensure your heat and electricity remain uninterrupted even during a blackout. High efficiency inverters convert YANMAR mCHP's generated electrical output into DC voltage and frequency with built-in protection and a synchronization device required for grid interconnections.

Easy Installation

YANMAR's comprehensive technical training curriculum develops certified technicians prepared in all phases of design, installation, commissioning and service.

High Reliability

Based on YANMAR's proven engine technology and experience in mCHP design, manufacturing, installation and service support, we are able to provide customers with a standard warranty and variety of optional Product Protection plans for up to 90,000 operating hours.



Rated Output: 5 kW

Voltage, Frequency: 240V, 60Hz

Rated Recovered Heat: 34,100 BTU/h

Rated Hot Water Temp Outlet: 149 F (65 C)

Net weight: 882 lb (400 kg)



Rated Output: 10 kW

Voltage, Frequency: 240V, 60Hz

Rated Recovered Heat:
57,300 BTU/h (natural gas); 65,200 BTU/h (propane)

Rated Hot Water Temp Outlet: 158 F (70 C)

Net weight: 1,653 lb (750 kg)



Rated Output: 35 kW

Voltage, Frequency: 208V, 60Hz

Rated Recovered Heat: 204,040 BTU/h

Rated Hot Water Temp Outlet : 176 F (80 C)

Net weight: 3,153 lb (1,430 kg)





Multi-unit Housing



Case Study

New York Luxury Home with YANMAR CHP

New York Luxury Home

CP10WN-SN installation in Scarsdale, New York

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How does micro CHP Work?

micro CHP applications involve the recovery of wasted engine heat to produce useful thermal energy and electricity. To do this, natural gas or propane fuel is combusted in a YANMAR engine to generate electricity, and the heat that is normally lost in the engine’s exhaust system is recovered to provide heat for hot water (example: laundry or dishwashing) or for space heating, cooling and dehumidification.

How widely used is micro CHP in the United States?

micro CHP can be used in almost every state, and is mainly found in areas with high concentrations of commercial activity, high electricity prices and energy policies that favor Combined Heat & Power.

Where does micro CHP make sense?

micro CHP is ideally suited for facilities that have a high demand for heat (a high thermal load) in areas where electricity costs more than $0.10 per kilowatt-hour. Some examples are:

  • Commercial: larger office buildings, hotels, airports, nursing homes and full-service restaurants
  • Institutions: K-12 schools, colleges, military bases, prisons and hospitals
  • Residential: multi-family housing and luxury residential homes

How can I learn if my facility could benefit from micro CHP?

By selecting the "Start your Performance Summary" button on the micro CHP Product page, you can begin the process with YANMAR to develop an analysis that can be used to make an informed decision about the cost/benefit based on your specific application.